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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Lone Star Insurance Agency

60 Reviews | Leave a Review

Don't take our word for's what some of our customers have to say-

I was very pleased with how quickly and easily Lone Star Insurance
Agency was able to assist me in finding the best quote for my vehicle.
Jeremy Boling was the agent that assisted me. He is very courteous and
professional. He helped get an auto quote lined up for me quickly during
the holiday season when I purchased my first vehicle. He helped me find
the best deal and was very thorough in explaining all the finer details of
the different policies. I am happy with Lone Star's service and will continue
to go through them for all of my insurance needs in the future. I would
highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in finding the best
home, auto and life insurance, without all the headache and hassle of
trying to go through the process on their own.

I needed flood ins and Kristin was so helpful!

The people at Lone Star were friendly and considerate. They make you feel important and provide you with great service. They show what makes Texas great.

Sharon Kinson

When our previous insurance provider decided to make a change in career we were a little anxious. We had become accustom to being on a first name basis and getting quick responses to our requests. Little did we know at the time we had nothing to worry about as Lone Star has more than met our previous expectations. Naaman and his team have been quick to respond to our needs and provide us with the peace of mind that we were looking for in a provider.

Just got lucky finding this insurance agency. They searched several companies and came up with a wonderful policy at a huge savings. Will highly recommend them.

Linda Brandt

Naaman is not your typical insurance agent. He goes the extra mile to be sure you have the right amount of coverage for your situation. And that you get a solid insurer at an affordable price. I highly recommend Lone Star to all my friends.

Patricia Vermeire


I was a little nervous about the idea of getting auto insurance and renters insurance until Dave Ramsey’s website lead me to Lone Star Insurance Agency and I had the pleasure of speaking with Donna she was wonderful. She was very patient and answered all my questions. She made it a pleasant experience and saved me money! Wow! Thank you.

Stephen Olinski

After being with a major insurance company for more than 20 years, we decided to use Dave Ramsey's endorsement of Lonestar Insurance Agency in Burleson, TX. Best decision we made. We saved on both our homeowner and auto policies.

Most recently, we had to add a male, teen driver to our policy and I nearly had a heart attack at the premium increase. I worked with Donna Henderson and she worked d...iligently to find me all the available discounts that could be applied and then took it a step further and shopped our policy to find if there was another company that could offer us a better rate.

I'm thrilled to say that our auto policy went from $8,551.60 to $3,337 for a 12 month policy with the same coverages! No joke.

Check out Lonestar ya'll and just see what they can do for you! It doesn't hurt to check. The staff at Lonestar offer stellar customer service!

Estella Esquivel

Lonestar made it easy to switch. When my teenager had a wreck my rates went through the roof. I shopped and shopped and Lonestar was one of the places I called. They were able meet me on my lunch break gave me a great deal and made it simple, quick and easy to switch. Thanks Lonestar!

Erica Wammack


Lonestar Insurance is fantastic. They beat my current rates, and their customer service is outstanding. I recommend them to friends and family all the time.

Candice McClellin


We have been with Lone Star for 3 years. Have always had the best customer service. Always attentive & prompt. Sheila, Jamie & Dawn have a great work ethic. Give them a call!

Mindy Haynes/Donny Smith

Very competent, helpful and friendly, great offers.  Eva M.  Oct 21, 2016

We've used these folks for several years now and, to date, have been quite satisfied. While I have real issues with the way the Texas Department of Insurance allows insurance companies unwarranted rate increases on a regular basis, Lone Star has always managed to find us the best $ for $ cost/coverage programs available. Dawn Rhudy handles our accounts and is pleasant to work with.  
Michael Feaster

We have 2 homes, and 3 cars insured with Lonestar. James and his group have always attended to our needs and request with great attitudes, and no wait. I don't know of another company that has ever matched the customer consistence service level that they have given us over the last 4 years. Also have saved a large amount of money with first class insurance policy's. They also answer the phone with a real person every time you call. Thanks for the great service

   We do appreciate the insurance plans that you covered with us. But I don't do Facebook, so I'll just have to tell you I like our experience with you as our insurance agent so far.??

    We were home when the Centauri home inspector came by: actually, she was hired by Centauri to come out to take pictures and survey the property. So we do know that CentaurI really does exist… Ha ha!


Mitch H.  - July 2016

Got better coverage & pay less THANKS Kim Hall !!
David H.
July 2016

Wanted to let you know what a gem you have in Dawn. She just saved me over $500 on my homeowner's insurance. She is the consummate professional and so easy to work with. I would never go anywhere else for my insurance needs! 
Tom F. 

I have been insured by Lone Star Insurance Agency for about 1 year and I couldn't be happier!!! Shortly, after we made the switch we need to claim due to a home break in. Kim was amazing, she answered all my questions, and helped me .  I have been insured by Lone Star Insurance Agency for about 1 year and I couldn't be happier!!! Shortly, after we made the switch we need to claim due to a home break in. Kim was amazing, she answered all my questions, and helped me understand the process. Since then there has been a car accident and she has given me great advice on what I need to do when it came to claiming under the other driver. I know I have only been insured a year from Lone Star, but can only speak great volumes to the service they have been provided to me and my family.
Daniela Cardenas    

Jamie was awesome to work with, she did all the footwork to find me great coverage with rates. It was nice to speak with someone local yet get great rates and not have to deal with computer generated voices.  I have been dealing with the big insurance companies over the phone , press 1 for English ?What? enter your policy number now , phone number , date of birth. Connecting you to an agent, finally! He says hi name is blah blah for security reasons I need your policy number,date of birth, wait didn't I just do this in order to get to you?
Pete Servantes

Click on picture to see Matt's video.

Matt A.
Dec 30, 2015

(Thanks rocked it on the first try!!!)

I have known James Brown for many years now both as a business owner and a customer of his insurance company Lone Star Insurance Agency and I have never had a bad dealing !!! always gives me the best insurance for my situation and best price !!! Thank you James and Crew for all your help !!!,,
Mike the Roofer.

In the Spring of 2015 I did something that I had never done before…I shopped out my insurance policies for my house and my automobile policies.  During the process I obtained 3 quotes from 3 different providers.  Dawn Rhudy of Lone Star Insurance Agency provided the best value and the best customer service during this process.  I would recommend this organization.  - Chris Meeks

I am so pleased with Lone Star Insurance Agency.  The agents are so kind & helpful.....they constantly help me with questions or other issues i might have due to my lack of internet knowledge.
Thank u Lone Star Insurance Agency - Betty M.

In the last few weeks I have switched all of my insurance coverage to Lone Star Insurance from Allstate. It was so easy. I took all of my Allstate polices on three cars and two houses and they matched the coverage researching three other Companies. We talked about each company policy and I got to choose the best one on their recommendation and saved around $1400.00 per year.  Roy Hill

I switched my auto and renters insurance from AAA Texas after several issues. Not only is the customer service so much better at Lone Star Insurance Agency then at AAA, but I am also saving over $396/year. The transition was last minute and it went very smoothly. Brenda was a pleasure to deal with.    Paul H.

I am writing you today to inform you about an employee that goes above and beyond for her clients. Her name is Kimberly Hall. She has been there for me, and assisted me whenever I need her. Her willingness to assist her clients through the bad weather or wrecks; and staying up to help when needed is something that this world needs more of! She is always providing education to her clients to keep them from being scammed by others that do not hold the same moral and professional standards as she does. 


One time my car was parked in a parking lot and was struck by another vehicle. All of the information had been obtained from the driver of the other car. She admitted that she had hit my car (that was about two weeks old). The driver of the other cars’ insurance company called me wanting my information. I called Kim, and asked do I need to give them my information. She guided me through what to say and told me if they kept calling harassing me to let her know and that she would take care of it. Once I told them what Kim had said they did not call me anymore and repaired my car in a timely fashion.


Just the other day the bank that my vehicle is financed through sent me a bill stating that the insurance on my car had lapsed. It had not, but I had changed insurance carriers, and I failed to notify them with the new information. I sent Kim a message and without hesitation she asked for the information that she would need to be able to handle it for me. The company had gone ahead and got replacement coverage and was ready to charge me an extra $2500 for car insurance. I received a phone call, message and an email stating that she had taken care of the issue.


In closing I would like for you to know that I will follow Kim to whatever insurance agency that she moves to. Words cannot express the comfort and the since of security that having someone like her in my corner means to me. Her daily devotion to providing excellent customer service shows in her eagerness to assist anyone at any time. She is an asset to any employer. More companies should target employees like her!


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter about Kim. I know that you will agree that she is a great asset.

Norma Hawk

I have had Kim as s my agent for several years now and I would be lost without her. She always explains everything and helps me to understand the ins and outs of everything going on with my home and auto policies! I appreciate her going the extra mile to call on her off time if we have had tornadoes in our area just to make sure my family is ok and not in need. I will follow her to the ends of the earth. It is hard to find an agent that is that dedicated to her customers!!!      Aarika Moore

Jamie was super nice and helpful, explained all options available and found me what I wanted in a quick and friendly manner.Thanks!
Aaron Grissom

Recently, I decided to compare costs and coverage on my homeowners insurance. I contacted Lone Star Insurance Agency and spoke with Jamie. I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Jamie. She was both courteous and thorough and helped me find the best coverage for the money.
Carl B.

Brenda at Lone Star Insurance Agency was awesome to work with and very professional. She was able to significantly lower my Auto premiums and I am going to have her review my Home Owners after it expires with Liberty M. The transactions went exactly as she stated and couldn't be happier with the service she provided.
Submitted online June 4, 2015
Dave (Burleson, TX )

I called in for assistance in making on online payment to my insurance company. I left a message. A few minutes later Jamie Casarez returned the call and informed me that she could save me over $250 per month by switching policies and updating mu coverage!!  Jeff Lummus May 13, 2015

Lone Star Insurance Agency is very willing to help you save as much on your auto and home insurance as they possibly can. We were with State Farm for many many years and one day I requested a quote from Lone Star and it came back showing they could save us almost $1300 a year on our home insurance alone. That was a no brainer but stupid me I waited for almost a year before switching over. Needless to say we ended up paying another years home insurance at a much higher rate. We have since cancelled our insurance with State Farm and moved to Lone Star. I just hope Lone Star can keep their rates as low as they currently are, unless of course they go even lower. They also provide discounts for good driving records as well. A lot of other insurance agencies state this as well, but State Farm had yet to ever prove to us they did after being with them for as long as we were. We will see now with Lone Star when the time comes for the discounts.   Joey and Vicki V.

Been with this insurance company for 5 years now. Everyone is extremely nice and they ALWAYS go above and beyond to make sure you're getting the best rate and best service. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

I was recently rear ended and the car was deemed a total loss.  The driver had insurance but they were trying to cut the value of my car in half.

Kim (with Lone Star Insurance Agency)  gave me great advice how to combat the situation I did everything she told me they came up a little. When I called her back to let her know where we were and how far off it was from fair market value she called the agent on my behalf and things started moving along. I am happy with the settlement at this point and very happy with the service received from Lone Star Insurance Agency.

Thank you, Lone Star Insurance Agency, for your help with our claim. The worst words a homeowner hears is "slab leak". We were able to meet with Met-Life insurance adjuster within 2 days of filing claim, check was received that same week and he was available to call during the work process, talking directly with plumber and helping make process easier. One of our better experiences with home insurance for sure!

Cindy T.
Burleson, TX

Awesome place of business very good guys never seen a company so willing to go above and beyond for their customers.
Must say I also value your opinions and outlook regarding matters affecting our economy and our country! True American patriots MOLON LABE..

Joe Azcona

Best insurance agency I have dealt with in a LONG time!!

Jacob Ashford

Not only have I received the best insurance rate ever, EVERYONE here goes above and beyond for the best rates and truly ...they have your best interest at heart. Thank you, Jeremy and Jamie, for making me feel like I'm well taken care of.

LaShawn Jones Truelock

Top notch service and top notch individuals to do business with. Jeremy Moody will go out of his way to get you the best possible coverage at the best possible price. Anyone that says different clearly does not even do business with them.

5 Stars

I have been a client of James Brown's for over 15 years. I had a recent claim that was initially denied. I reported the denial to James and he got involved, and because of his years of experience in the insurance industry, the insurance company reversed their decision and is now paying the claim. A local agent who works with you is very important. Last week I referred a friend to Lone Star Insurance Agency. Thanks, James, for your hard work. 
Dwane Owen
Fort Worth Texas

I recently moved my auto, home and motorcycle policies to Lone Star Insurance Agency. Within one month I have had a far better experience than I did in the 6 years of being with my former agent. I highly recommend Lone Star Insurance Agency.
Melissa E.  in Fort Worth (received over our website)

I received my renewal for my homeowner's insurance and there was a substantial increase. Being with the same company for over 20yrs, I was hesitant to shop rates, but needed to know if I was overpaying.

I was referred to James Brown at Lone Star Insurance Agency and after providing them the required information, they quoted me a rate that was almost half of my renewal rate with my current company for comparable coverage. The new quote was a savings of over $550.00 a year.

I am thrilled to save $550 this year, but I was also really impressed with how knowledgeable and personable James and his staff were.

Mary Case
Broker/Realtor CCS Realty
Burleson, TX 817-734-4770
September 2, 2013

Granbury experienced a terrible storm that destroyed my roof as well as my outside A/C unit. The claim was handled promptly. I am so pleased with my Insurance Carrier (Homeowners of America). I have never had a claim on my home before and I will sure stay with this great Company.

(received online from our website, Lynn is a realtor in Granbury TX)

James, Jamie, Dawn & Jeremy are all so wonderful to speak too & deal with. They never make me feel as if I am wasting their time with my questions. They take the time to explain things to me so I know how it works. I am greatful for all they do!

Rachael Carroll
(received July 30, 2013 from our website)

As you know, my husband Matt was involved in a rear end collision that totaled his vehicle and the other vehicle involved about 1 month ago.  I remember the panic I felt when I received that phone call, but my mind was soon put to ease after I called you to ask for direction as to what to do next.    I must say that if it weren't for you being there for guidance, I don't know how we would have made it thru it. You quickly took over and clearly explained to me what I needed to do  next and it quickly turned into a virtually painless situation. Kudos to you Jeremy and your insurance company (Lone Star Insurance Agency ) for being there when we needed  you most!

Thanks again,

Matt and Kim Stephens

(received May 8, 2013 via email / client insured through Met)

Jeremy and Lone Star Insurance Agency were a big help.  I was able to save a significant amoutn of money on home and auto insurance.  Then when I needed flood insurance they were able to answer all of my quesitons getting this setup. 

(received via email April 29, 2013)

Thanks to Jeremy Moody who wrote my auto policy last week resulting in a 45% savings over my Allstate plan. Anyone with Allstate Auto Insurance needs to give this man a call!

I have been with Lone Star Insurance Agency for a little over 4 years.  They always take care of me.  Easiest place I have ever dealt with.

Want to put in the good word for Jeremy, my wife and I purchased a new vehicle last night (1/14/13) and were at the dealership until about 8pm. Jeremy advised on what info he needed and returned to the office after hours to ensure that were we covered and able to drive the new vehicle home. This kind of attention and excellent service is what keeps a customer coming back. Thanks Jeremy!

I just finished signing my policies with Jeremy at Lone Star Insurance Co. Im thrilled! As a single mom I needed well priced ins that still gave me secure coverage. Jeremy researched for me and found that he could get me BETTER coverage and save me almost 600.00 a year over St Farm!  Knowing I will have extra cash and that my home and car are secure  is such a blessing!! Thank you Lone Star! And thank you Jeremy! And the fact that he did it all over the phone was just an extra bonus!!!    
(Sent in via email March 29, 2012)

Gayle K., Burleson, TX
I have enjoyed being a customer of Lone Star Insurance Agency (Rick Reaves).  He always looks out for my best interest at heart.  I am always receiving emails on how they can save me money.  I really appreciate that.  Thanks Lone Star Insurance Agency.
Karen R., Desoto, TX
I have been a client with Lone Star Insurance Agency for several years insuring my homes and cars.  As a mortgage loan officer I was so impressed with their rates and customer service I began referring them to my clients.  I like that when my clients or I call we get to speak with someone not an answering machine or going through 10 minutes of phone prompts to get someone in another state.  Their customer service is A+ and their rates are hard to beat.  Even if rates drop with another company they will always shop the best policy for your needs and let you know they have found a better policy for you.  I LOVE working a home town company.  Your the best.  Love you guys. 
Betsy G. - 4 Trust Mortgage, Burleson, TX
I have been with Lone Star Insurance Agency a little over 4 years.  Rick always takes care of me....easiest place I have ever dealt with...he's the man.

My husband and I had been with State Farm Insurance for over 20 years, but we recently switched to Lone Star Insurance Agency.  When we bought our house we decided to look into other insurance options and we found that Lone Star Insurance Agency could give us the best prices.  They were very helpful, not pushy, and made it super easy to make the change.  They took care of communicating with State Farm, sent me the papers I needed to sign and it was done!  We are saving money and getting the insurance coverage we need.  I’m glad we made the switch to Lone Star Insurance Agency.

Christi E., Fort Worth, TX
Lone Star Insurance Agency is local, fast and friendly.  I’ve had insurance with them for over five years and have had excellent service the entire time.  Anytime I need help or have a question, I pick up the phone and give them a call.  Thanks, Lone Star Insurance Agency!
Justin S., Duncanville, TX
After moving here to Texas, I was referred to Lone Star Insurance Agency by my former Mercury agent-broker and good friend. I first met Rick by calling Lone Star on the phone. Rick's personality and professionalism was very down-to-earth, honest and friendly. After explaining to Rick what various vehicles I owned and what current insurance coverage I arrived with through Mercury, Rick started looking around through the various companies Lone Star represents, he called me back with several quotes. I should also mention I checked out a few other insurance agents’ representing companies such as Progressive, All State, State Farm, even the Auto Club.

Having a GMC Dually, a Corvette and a motorcycle, in addition to a camp trailer, ski boat and personal water craft, the other companies were not interested in covering all my vehicles. The others wanted to cover the car the truck, and then send me packing to someone else for the rest of my toys. Rick provided me with quotes from several companies which welcomed all my vehicles.  Even as I compared the other agents and companies prices on a individual vehicle by vehicle basis, Rick and Lone Star beat em' all, hands down.

I'm very satisfied with the service Rick and the Lone Star staff has provided me with.  I've recommended Rick and Lone Star to a lady friend of mine who had had been with All State for many years. She'd been seeing the TV commercials about the incentives All State offered to their clients for "Good Driving". In the last ten years, she's never seen or received one reward.  The first month she was with Lone Star, she already received her first reward. A couple of hundred extra dollars in her checking account. Lone Star Insurance Agency is providing her with the same "full coverage" for less than half of what she'd been paying All State for.

I got side-swiped last year in the Vette, and Rick helped me with gathering the information I needed to contact the other drivers’ insurance company.  

Rick’s also introduced me to one or two of the professionals in his business network. I’ve dropped in or called Rick from time to time with a question, sometimes not even related to insurance. Rick either gets back to me right away with an answer, or he’ll leave me a message that he’s looking it and will get back to me A.S.A.P.

I've recently contacted Rick to inquire about insurance for a professional protective service company I'm thinking of starting out here. Rick's presently looking into what he can do to provide me with the necessary liability coverage I'll require.

Lone Star Insurance Agency is Excellent.  I recommend them to “my” friends and business associates.   Maybe you’re still not convinced? Give them a call and see for yourself.  Their on-line and they even have a toll-free number.

Great People, Reasonable Pricing and Superior Service. 

Through Lone Star Insurance Agency, I have confidence in my insurance coverage, a few more trusted friends in my business network and several more reliable individuals in my circle of friends.

Ken V., Burleson, TX
Shortly after signing on with Alfa Insurance (through Lone Star Insurance Agency), I had a claim. I was pleased with the service. I received a quick response to submit the claim. I feel that my service was better than the service I received from Allstate, a company I had been with for nearly 20 year.

Recently we were shopping around for a new car. It was on a Saturday night and we found one we liked and decided to buy it, but then realized that we didn't have our proof-of-insurance with us. Through facebook, we got the home phone of our insurance agent, Jeremy Moody (Lone Star Insurance Agency), and we called him at home. I explained the situation to him and asked him if he could possibly send something to the car dealer verifying that we did have insurance. He said that he could even do better than that, and he immediately (while we were still on the phone) added the new car to our policy and emailed the forms to the dealer. We cannot tell you how much we appreciated his dedication as we drove off the car lot in our new 2012 Camaro! Thanks Jeremy! You are awesome!

About seven years ago I purchased two homes in Texas and was able to obtain insurance from Lone Star Insurance Agency. Rick Reaves is my agent. What a blessing he has been. I live in California and whenever my insurance policy is up for renewal he takes care of it. Last year we had some bad storms that did a lot of damage to my properties. Not knowing a lot of people back there, Rick found me a contractor that was excellent and fair. This made the repairs so much easier. I want to take this opportunity to thank Rick Reaves and Lone Star Insurance Agency.

Michael Wolf

They saved me $2700 a year! And a feeling that I can trust insurance agents again = Priceless

(submitted over Facebook)

Lone Star Insurance Agency received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 54 reviews on
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