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Nine Reasons To Do Business With Us

Nine Reasons To Do Business With
Lone Star Insurance Agency

9) You’ll never have to “Press 1 to continue in English”- Please don’t misunderstand, we love all nations. In fact, the owner and Naaman’s employees have relatives of diverse ethnicity and different tongues. Some of us could eat Mexican, Indian or American food every day. However, in America we want to show our support for this great country of ours and it can be frustrating to try and communicate sometimes. You will never have to talk to someone that you can’t understand. We want to help you understand insurance, not how to understand the speech of someone 3000 miles away.

8) We support our local community- We have been operating a LOCAL insurance agency with experience and the know-how to get the job done right for you every time for over a decade. You will not get an uneducated answer here as we are established and know the industry and it’s ins and outs.

7) Authorized Platinum Progressive Insurance Agency– We are one of few agencies authorized to offer annual policies and have been recognized with a Platinum agent in Texas. And we are PHA (Progressive Home Advantage) which means we can offer you Progressive’s home insurance from ASI – with special discounts. Fewer than 10% of Progressive agents are PHA. Combining the 2 can save tremendously in multiple ways.

6) Experienced / licensed agents– Are you certain that your current or future agent has the experience to properly assist you with your family’s protection or are they just trying to offer you the lowest price (regardless of coverage) in order to get a sale? All of our licensed agents have multiple years experience in the insurance industry. There really is more to insurance than just price. Unfortunately for consumers it’s a buyer beware market though. If you don’t have the right coverage at the time of a claim it could be very costly. On several occasions our experience has proven extremely advantageous for our clients.

5) We are a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP)– As an independent broker we represent multiple different companies and that is only one of the qualifications to be an ELP. Whether you want superior coverage with a well know A rated company or a “cheap” policy just to be legal, we can help. To find out more about the ELP program click here.

4) Referral Rewards Program– We have an awesome referral program. Everyone’s a winner. Simply send us someone who will allow us to prepare accurate proposals and we’ll send you a gift card. Heck, you don’t even have to be a client to take advantage of this program. Visit our web site by clicking above or give us a call for more details.
3) Familiar faces (voices) – We love our agents, and so will you. You’ll really like it when you call and get to talk with a familiar voice, someone you can get to know and trust. That won’t happen at a giant call center. In fact, at a call center you probably won’t ever get to speak to the same person twice- yuck.

2) Renewal Rate Guarantee– If your policy is renewing with us at a rate that is 15% or more higher than the previous policy period due to no fault of yours (no changes, no accidents, no claims, etc.), just give us a quick call and we will go back and obtain new quotes for you from dozens of companies. Ask your current agent if they offer a Renewal Rate Guarantee. You don’t have to hassle with providing all your personal information to someone else.

1) Local people– Do you ever get frustrated when you call a service provider (electric company, cable company, credit card, etc.) and your call gets routed to India, Ireland, the Philippines or who knows where? We sure get frustrated when it happens to us. Don’t worry though, that won’t happen here. When you call our office you’ll get to talk to local people who live in our community.