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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Serving Burleson and Cleburne, Texas 

Liability insurance is crucial for any business or property owner, as it can protect you against a variety of expensive accidents and lawsuits. Unfortunately, a basic liability insurance policy may not cover everything you need. Each policy has its own set limits. If you reach those limits, you may be responsible for any remaining costs.

Lone Star Insurance Agency works with business owners and individuals across Texas to provide comprehensive insurance policies at affordable prices. We will help you evaluate your risk of a lawsuit and offer a policy geared specifically for your needs.

What Does Umbrella Liability Insurance Cover?

As its name suggests, umbrella liability insurance serves as an umbrella for all of your other liability insurance policies. This means that it can cover the same incidents covered by your other liability insurance policies, such as expenses related to:

  • General Liability Insurance: General liability insurance covers claims of non-professional negligence involving bodily injury, property damage or personal and advertising injury. This includes legal expenses that occur with a lawsuit.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Professional liability insurance covers claims of professional negligence that may cost a client money. This insurance is known by different names depending on your industry, such as Errors and Omissions insurance and medical malpractice insurance.
  • Commercial Auto Liability: There are a few different liability coverages available under a commercial auto insurance policy, which is designed to cover the vehicles owned or used by a business for work purposes. Umbrella liability insurance can fill in the gaps of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, etc.

Get Insured Today

Your insurance needs may be higher than you originally expect. It’s crucial to protect yourself and your assets with the right umbrella liability insurance policy at a price you can appreciate.

Common Umbrella Insurance Questions

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need? 

Everyone’s insurance needs vary. In general, you should have enough umbrella liability insurance to fill in potential gaps left by your other liability policies. Speak with an insurance agent today about how much insurance you may need.

How Much Does Umbrella Insurance Cost? 

The cost of umbrella liability insurance varies depending on your location, industry and size of the business, coverage limits, deductibles and more. Fill out an online quote form to find out how much you can save on umbrella liability insurance today.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work? 

Umbrella liability insurance works much the same as other liability insurance policies. When you reach the limits on your other liability insurance policy, you can file a claim under your umbrella liability insurance policy. A claims adjuster from the insurer will investigate the claim and calculate how much compensation you may receive based on the policy and damages.

How Often Do Umbrella Policies Pay Out? 

You will generally use your umbrella liability less than your other liability policies, as this insurance only comes into effect when you reach the limits of your other policies.