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Home » Top 10 Excuses for Driving While Phoning
December 23, 2011

Top 10 Excuses for Driving While Phoning

Admit it, most of us use the phone while we are in the car.  Many places prohibit using a cell phone in a school zone and some municipalities have recently made it on offense to text while driving.  Canada apparently has a similar problem.  According to a recent article in The Insurance Journal magazine the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, a Canadian auto insurer, with the help from local police, compiled a list of the top 10 excuses from local motorists when they were caught using handheld cellphones while driving.  The top 10 excuses were found to be:

  1. This is a bogus law.
  2. It was my boss on the phone- I had to answer it.
  3. I wasn’t using it- I just like to hold it.
  4. Sorry officer, I didn’t see you trying to pull me over because I was on my phone.
  5. But it was an emergency call to my wedding planner.
  6. My Bluetooth died.
  7. Driver: I’m using my speakerphone.  Police officer: No, you’re holding your phone in one hand and steering wheel with the other.
  8. I’m not driving; I was stopped at a red light.
  9. I wasn’t talking, I was checking my messages.
  10. I was just checking the time.

So, how about it- if you were caught driving and using the phone where you aren’t supposed to, what would your excuse be?

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