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August 22, 2014

Middle Man Saves New Client 23%

Once again today, the “middle man” (Lone Star Insurance Agency) was able to save a new client 23% off the annual cost of their auto insurance policy.  The crazy (but not uncommon) thing is that we wrote their policy with the exact same coverages AND exact same COMPANY as they were previously with.  The only difference was that the client had previously purchased their policy DIRECTLY from that company.

How can that be some of you may ask?  Well, one little secret that some insurance companies may not want you to know is that they use different rating plans when selling policies direct versus when they offer them through a local agent.  When a company sells a policy direct and they have to have their own employees assist that client with quoting, issuing and service on a policy, that company has a huge expense to do so.  They have to pay an employee, provide benefits, provide vacation, provide an office, provide a computer, provide a phone, and on and on.  On the other hand, when an insurance company allows an agent/agency to do all of that work the company is only paying the agency a small fixed commission.

Over the past several years consumers have to “trained” by advertising to cut out the middle man and it will save them money.  Well, don’t believe everything you hear.  Not only can the middle man often times save you money, the middle man has your best interest at heart.  When you buy a policy direct, you have nobody “on your team” so to speak, when something happens.  Often times when you need help the most you are on your own with no one to guide you other than people who work for the insurance company.  Furthermore, you often get stuck calling some overseas call center and talking with someone you don’t know and will never meet.  On the other hand, when you have Lone Star Insurance Agency, you have a local agency where you can stop by and visit us in person if you have a problem.  We live where you do, we work where you do, we spend our money locally, our kids & grandchildren attend local schools and we worship locally. 

So, if you purchased your policy directly from an insurance company and didn’t go through a local INDEPENDENT agency then it might pay to check us out.  Oh, by the way….we are an Endorsed Local Provider for Dave Ramsey.  If you don’t know who he is look him up at

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