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Home » How to File a Claim After an Accident in a Company Car
December 16, 2020

How to File a Claim After an Accident in a Company Car

Car accidents can be uncertain at the best of times, but this is especially true if the vehicle you are driving isn’t yours. If you’re driving a company vehicle and get in a wreck, a lot of uncertainty may come with the potential repercussions from your employer and who will cover the damages in what circumstances. 
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Call Your Employer 

After an accident in a company car and after necessary medical attention is sought, it is crucial to notify your employer as soon as possible. Since they are the policyholder for the commercial auto insurance, you will have to go through them to file a claim. 

Have All Information Ready 

As you would with a personal auto insurance claim, you must have all of the right information ready to present to the insurance provider. This includes the make, model and license plate of all vehicles involved, police report if filed, and any injuries that may have occurred. 

Keep Consistent 

One off the most important things to do when trying to get a claim approved is to remain consistent. When speaking to your employer, the insurance provider, police and medical professionals, make sure that you remain consistent when it comes to the circumstances of the accident. Any variation can affect your medical care or the possibility of an approved claim. 

Remain in Contact Throughout the Claims Process 

As a claim is being processed, make sure you are available to your employer and their insurance provider to clear up any confusion during the claims process. Failing to do so can cause the claims process to last longer than necessary, which also may delay compensation being paid to the necessary parties. 

If there are concerns about filing a claim, be sure to speak with your employer. It is important to understand your employer’s commercial auto insurance policy before ever sitting behind the wheel of a company vehicle. This includes exceptions and limitations that may come with certain personal activities. 

While a commercial auto insurance policy should generally offer full coverage, it is always good to be sure so that you can drive your company car knowing that you’ll be covered in case of an accident. When in doubt, speak with your insurance agent and keep your employer’s insurance provider up to date with any changes regarding the accident or possible injuries or lawsuits involved. 

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