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When it comes to protecting your assets, the 3 most important factors concerning any type of insurance are:

   1.  Do you have the right insurance?
   2.  Do you have enough insurance?
   3.  Are you paying a fair price for it?

And these factors should be considered in the order above.

Costs vs. Value

Do you really want a "cheap" policy?

While Cost is important when purchasing insurance, it should not be your only Concern - Coverages, Credibilty, Complaint Ratio, Claims Experience and what Carrier should also be Considered.  NOT ALL POLICIES ARE THE SAME.

As an independent agent we represent dozens of companies and have the flexibility to find the right combination of cost, coverage, credibility and carriers to meet your needs. 

Think about it, the bitterness of a bad claim experience or being improperly insured will far outlast the sweetness of a "cheap" price.  Take the time to consult with a local independent agent to be sure your insurance needs are properly met.


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