Insurance professionals that have your back

June 8, 2015

I am writing you today to inform you about an employee that goes above and beyond for her clients. Her name is Kimberly Hall. She has been there for me, and assisted me whenever I need her. Her willingness to assist her clients through the bad weather or wrecks; and staying up to help when needed is something that this world needs more of! She is always providing education to her clients to keep them from being scammed by others that do not hold the same moral and professional standards as she does. 


One time my car was parked in a parking lot and was struck by another vehicle. All of the information had been obtained from the driver of the other car. She admitted that she had hit my car (that was about two weeks old). The driver of the other cars’ insurance company called me wanting my information. I called Kim, and asked do I need to give them my information. She guided me through what to say and told me if they kept calling harassing me to let her know and that she would take care of it. Once I told them what Kim had said they did not call me anymore and repaired my car in a timely fashion.


Just the other day the bank that my vehicle is financed through sent me a bill stating that the insurance on my car had lapsed. It had not, but I had changed insurance carriers, and I failed to notify them with the new information. I sent Kim a message and without hesitation she asked for the information that she would need to be able to handle it for me. The company had gone ahead and got replacement coverage and was ready to charge me an extra $2500 for car insurance. I received a phone call, message and an email stating that she had taken care of the issue.


In closing I would like for you to know that I will follow Kim to whatever insurance agency that she moves to. Words cannot express the comfort and the since of security that having someone like her in my corner means to me. Her daily devotion to providing excellent customer service shows in her eagerness to assist anyone at any time. She is an asset to any employer. More companies should target employees like her!


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter about Kim. I know that you will agree that she is a great asset.

Norma Hawk