Insurance professionals that have your back

March 29, 2018

After being with a major insurance company for more than 20 years, we decided to use Dave Ramsey’s endorsement of Lonestar Insurance Agency in Burleson, TX. Best decision we made. We saved on both our homeowner and auto policies.

Most recently, we had to add a male, teen driver to our policy and I nearly had a heart attack at the premium increase. I worked with Donna Henderson and she worked diligently to find me all the available discounts that could be applied and then took it a step further and shopped our policy to find if there was another company that could offer us a better rate.

I’m thrilled to say that our auto policy went from $8,551.60 to $3,337 for a 12 month policy with the same coverages! No joke.

Check out Lonestar ya’ll and just see what they can do for you! It doesn’t hurt to check. The staff at Lonestar offer stellar customer service!

Estella Esquivel