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New Client Instructions


    1. Our guarantee to you - complete satisfaction.  Read this for the details.
    2. How to contact us - provides contact information for each person at our office.
    3. When to contact us - gives a good description of reasons to contact us.
    4. Paying your bill - most of our clients prefer to set up their payments for an automatic draft from a bank account or credit card. If you chose to pay monthly you can mail your payment directly to the insurance company, you may bring it by our office, or you may pay online. This link provides a listing of insurance companies along with a link to their website as another way to submit a payment any time of the day..
    5. Submitting a claim - discusses what to expect during the claim process and how to submit a claim.
    6. Accessing your policy documents- many documents can be found online, this tells you how to access them.
    7. Testimonials- we'd love to get your feedback, please take a few minutes to share with us.
    8. Referrals- we love referrals, and we'll reward you for them.
    9. Factors affecting your insurance- most people don't really understand what goes into determining insurance rates.
    10. Protecting your privacy- details regarding our privacy policy.


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