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Below is a listing of the companies we represent along with contact information for their claims departments. BEFORE you contact them, PLEASE read the information below.  We are confident this information will be useful to you.

  • Our office is always available during normal business hours to discuss any potential claim situation PRIOR to you turning in a claim. Our years of experience and knowledge have proven beneficial to our clients many, many times.  We can review with you what your deductibles are and if it even makes sense to submit a claim.  Once a "claim' is submitted to a carrier, it is there for good.  In some instances zero paid claims and not-at-fault claims can hurt your rates in the future.  We can explain more of this over the phone.
  • When a claim is being submitted, the reason we have you contact the claims department directly is so you don’t have to tell all the details of your story twice. Even if we fill out a claim form, someone from claims will call you to "review" everything. Most of our clients prefer to not have to repeat themselves over and over.
  • We do want to give you a quick heads up about what we can / cannot help with on claims. Individuals in our office are all licensed AGENTS (not adjusters).  According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) only a licensed ADJUSTER may approve or deny a claim. Even if we were licensed adjusters, TDI would not allow one us to make a determination on a claim for one of our own clients due to a conflict of interest.
  • We always suggest that you TAKE NOTES throughout this entire process. Who, when and what was said along with their phone number and email address. Keep these notes until everything is completed. A short pencil beats a long memory.
  • If you are having a hard time reaching your adjuster, or someone is not returning your calls, or they are not doing a good job explaining what is going on- then please call us so that we may assist. Or if you feel like the claim should have been covered and it is being denied we are available to discuss these matters as well. This does not mean that we can overturn a decision that has been made by claims. However, we have had situations where our involvement has resulted in a different (better) outcome for our client.
  • Please visit this page on our website http://www.lonestarinsuranceagency.com/content/tdi_helpful_links.aspx for helpful links to the Texas Department of Insurance.
  • Lastly, please keep in mind homeowners insurance is not a maintenance policy. Not everything is covered by homeowners insurance.


ACCC Insurance Company
Anchor Insurance
Bankers Insurance
Centauri Insurance
Columbia Lloyds - contact our office directly
First Connect Insurance
Jewelry Insurance Broker of North America - contact our office directly
Kemper Specialty (formerly Unitrin Specialty)
Mission Select
National General (formerly GMAC) 
Pacific Specialty Insurance Company
Personal Umbrella.com - Must Contact Our Office
Republic Home Protectors
Stillwater Insurance - 800-220-1351 or claims@stillwaterinsurance.com
Texas Fair Plan - 1-800-979-6440  24/7  If it's not an emergency please contact us first.
UPC Insurance


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